bro|ken1 [ `broukən ] adjective **
▸ 1 damaged physically
▸ 2 not working
▸ 3 extremely sad
▸ 4 not as promised/hoped
▸ 5 not continuous
▸ 6 without hope
1. ) a broken object has been damaged and is in two or more pieces:
Be careful not to step on the broken glass.
Nearly all the houses had broken windows.
a broken fingernail
Fill the bottom of the dish with broken crackers.
a ) a broken bone has a crack in it:
He had several broken ribs and a suspected broken leg.
2. ) if a machine is broken, it is not working correctly:
You can't watch the television it's broken.
He's repaired that broken clock.
3. ) LITERARY if your heart is broken, you feel extremely sad because a relationship with someone you love has ended or because someone has died:
Her husband died, and she died soon afterward of a broken heart.
4. ) used for describing a situation in which you do not do what you promised, agreed, or hoped:
He referred to his country as the land of broken dreams.
a string of broken promises
a ) a broken relationship has failed:
broken marriages: I'd had two broken marriages by the time I was 30.
a broken engagement
b ) a broken home a family where the parents are divorced or do not live together, and the children suffer as a result:
She works with children who come from broken homes.
5. ) a broken pattern or sound has spaces in it:
a broken line
a ) if you have broken sleep or a broken night, you sleep badly, waking up often
6. ) LITERARY very badly damaged physically
a ) having lost all hope and enthusiasm, because of bad experiences
broken English/French/German etc.
if someone speaks in broken English, etc., they speak slowly and make a lot of mistakes because they do not know the language very well
bro|ken 2
the past participle of break1

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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